• Exchange & Return Policy

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    • <Exchange and Return>
      It is not possible to exchange and return if you just changed your mind.
      If you want to return or exchange the item because of change your mind, You have to pay round shipping fee, tariff, tax and so on up front! 
      Please check the item carefully when you get the item!

      ※If it is a defective item, Please provide the picture of it to us in 1:1 inquiry or E-mail!
         If you want to request return or exchange, Please let us know within 7 business days!
      ※When you want to request the exchange or return service, Please ask to customer center first!

      <Cancel, Return and Exchange policy>
      If you want to request return or exchange, Please let us know within 7 business days! 
      Plus, Please send the package within 7days then give a tracking number to us.
      Before send your package, Please ask to apply return or exchange process in website!
      When we get the package, We will exchange or refund money back to you as soon as possible! 

      [Impossible to return and exchange]
      · If you did not ask to apply return process within 7days.
      · If you already used the item
      · If you damaged the item accidentally on purpose.
      · If you removed tag or something like component
      · If the item is special package like lucky box or sale item
      · If you order the item with coupon
      · If the item is unreturnable.
      · If it is unexchangable item in detail page
      · If you order various color of one item for return or exchange.
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