• [Product inquiry] Wrong Item

    Tay Diep | 2018-08-26 | Hits 198
    • To whom that may concern,

      My name is Tay Diep. I placed an order on Forencos website on August the 21. I got my order delivered today, but some items that I received are wrong. I ordered the Multi Shimmer Blush, but they sent me the Multi Shimmer Eye Shadow and the Eye Cream which I did not order.

      Can you please double check on my order?

      Thank you.

      These are the two items that I didnt order, but they send me by mistake. Thank you
  • Forencos | 2018-08-27

    Dear customer,

    Appreciate for your cooperation
    We need your cooperation again
    Please take the picture for received the package after sending me because need the specific check it
    Apologize for the inconvenience

    Thank you
    Have a nice day :)

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