• primium Puff Set [3ea]
    primium Puff Set [3ea]
    It is very thick and resilient, and it is very soft.
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  • Ampoule Drop Detail Puff Set [3ea]
    Ampoule Drop Detail Puff Set [3ea]
    Cover with a puff of ampoule to the curved part meticulously and uniformly!
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  • 3P ruby ​​cell Puff
    3P ruby ​​cell Puff
    The two drill Cover UP!
    Spreadability and a moist skin irritation without representation
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  • Cleansing Sponge
    Cleansing Sponge
    Makeup is used during cleansing clear!
    Clean up the waste removal
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  • 8P Latex
    8P Latex
    Natural rubber!
    Excellent adhesion with good feeling!
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  • 2P Flocking Puff (54mm)
    2P Flocking Puff (54mm)
    Two Way Cake and compact All Available
    Perfect skin adhesion!
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  • Soft Puff
    Soft Puff
    Supple supple feel like a rabbit
    No stimulation spreadability and high adhesion
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  • Powder Puff
    Powder Puff
    Is a 100% cotton without stimulation
    Clean and bright spreadability
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  • 2P Compact Puff (59mm)
    2P Compact Puff (59mm)
    Compact puff with soft touch
    Plastic Hygiene case with luxurious!
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  • Lip Brush NO.3
    Lip Brush NO.3
    Natural weasel hair
    Lip Brush only
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