FORENCOS Aqua Connection  Toner

FORENCOS Aqua Connection Toner

At the moment of applying aqua water energy plenty ~
Spruce up your skin and make up your skin!

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A Moisturizing and Soothing Toner
Aqua Connection Toner
"It’s toner containing NMF with the moisturizing effect to moisturize and smoothen the skin."

    Product Description
  1. ⑴Evening skin texture
  2. ⑵Moisturizing and soothing
  3. ⑶Helping the next skin applications penetrate
  4. ⑷Double functions: Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle

    Product Ingredients
  1. ⑴Natural Moisturizing Factor NMF
  2. ⑵Multiex BSASM Plus
  3. (3)French Herb Blending Water

    How to Use
  1. Soak cotton pad with the toner at the first stage of skincare after cleansing and sweep face from the center gently, working outwards, and pat face gently to help the content absorbed into the skin

    1. Suitability
    2. Oily/Dry skin
      Lack of moisture skin
      Problematic skin
      All skin types

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